Beatlemania at 50 – A Tally Of The Tributes

In case you have missed it, February 9th marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles‘ historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Not surprisingly, this has generated a lot of media coverage. CNN last night premiered a documentary The Sixties – The British Invasion, which will be repeated (at least over this weekend as far as I could tell from the network’s website).


CBS, which telecast the Sullivan Show, filmed a tribute concert over Grammy weekend that will air on Feb. 9. Among the performers were Dave Gohl, John Mayer, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were there as were Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison.

In Los Angeles, you can celebrate Beatlemania in a number of ways.  The nifty Ringo Starr Exhibit is still up at the Grammy Museum (it is scheduled to be there through March).

On Feb. 7, the American Cinematheque will screen Julie Taymor‘s trippy film Across The Universe, which includes over 30 Beatles tunes. After the screening, there will be a discussion with Angie McCartney and Ruth McCartney  (Paul’s step-mother and step-sister, respectively, in case you are wondering)

The Paley Center will commemorate this anniversary with a weekend program (Feb. 8-9) that includes the entire Ed Sullivan program (which also had a performance from the cast of Oliver that had a pre-Monkees Davy Jones) and the documentary What’s Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A. that was made in 1964 by the noted filmmakers David and Albert Maysles.

These are probably more Fab Four festivities but these should keep you busy through a “hard day’s night.”


About Michael Berick

I am a longtime writer, and lover, of music and pop culture. I have written for Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Cleveland Scene and more places (that I wouldn't take up more of your time mentioning now).
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