Chadwick Stokes Is Looking For An L.A. House…Concert

Chadwick Stokes, from the band State Radio, is looking to do a house concert in Los Angeles on Oct. 19, according to State Radio sources.

chadwick stokesHere are the deets per the band’s email blast:


Please e-mail with the date and city that you’d like to host in the subject of the e-mail as well as the following info. We’ll be in touch shortly.

  • The show you’d like to host.
  • Your name, age, phone #, and address.
  • Tell us a bit about your space. How many people can you host? Do you have a house, large apartment, loft space, etc? Where in the dwelling would the concert happen? Is there ample free parking?
  • Include photos of the space. They don’t need to be anything fancy, a few cell phone pictures will do.


  • Concerts will start around 8PM and run until 10PM. Chadwick will arrive around 6PM and fans will be asked to arrive at 7PM. Expect everything to wrap around 11PM.
  • Tickets will only be sold online so you won’t have to worry about collecting money. However, you’ll need to check names at the door. Chadwick may need your help selling a small assortment of merchandise.
  • We won’t post your address anywhere on the internet. Ticket buyers will be notified of the address via e-mail two weeks before the concert.
  • Fans will be allowed to film and tape the shows.
  • Chadwick won’t be using any amplification, just his acoustic guitar and his voice. It would be great if you could provide him with a stool to sit on.

His solo outing, Simmerkane II, from a few years back was an interesting batch of friendly folky music, quite different from State Radio or his earlier band, Dispatch.


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