The final viewings for the Annenberg’s Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit

The “Who Shot Rock & Roll” exhibit ends its extended run at the Annenberg Space for Photography this Sunday. And in true rock & roll spirit, the Annenberg is staying up late and letting people see this show after dark – a fitting way to experience rock photos.

Courtesy of Ian Dickson/
The Ramones at Eric’s Club, Liverpool, England

The exhibit itself is a wonderful look at the world of rock. The walls are filled with iconic images of rock legends like Dylan, Hendrix, the Stones, U2, the Clash, Patti Smith, Tina Turner and many more. The show features some of the greatest rock photographers – folks like Bob Gruen, Baron Wolman, Annie Leibovitz, Jim Marshall, Lynn Goldsmith, to name a few. There are several “celebrity” photographers, like Dennis Hopper, Linda McCartney, Blondie’s Chris Stein and Patti Harrison, who reveal themselves to be talented behind the lens.

One of the interesting things about the show is to see how the freer access in rock’s early days (or in punk’s youth) resulted in different images than those that came when rock became more of a formalized business.

If you have the time, watch the accompanying documentary (it lasts around a half hour), which includes many of the photographers featured in the exhibit talking about their work and the music world. It also contains a nice tribute from Stella McCartney talking about her mother Linda McCartney, which reminds us how gifted a photographer she was (and that it was a baby Stella nestled in papa Paul’s parka on the cover of the McCartney album.

If you can’t make it to the Annenberg before Sunday, the exhibit next goes to New Zealand.

The Annenberg will be open Friday and Saturday nights until midnight and Sunday until 6 p.m.

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