Record Store Day’s A-Comin’

Record Store Day is Saturday and I was meaning to do another installment showcasing some of the goodies that RSD will have to offer. However, not surprisingly I am crunched for time so I will just give some highlights.

One thing that caught my eye isn’t so much a goodie but something that will help you find the goodies. There is a recently launched app for iPhones and Androids called the Vinyl District that is aimed to help you find independent record stores around the globe. So far it contains stores in 25 countries. While I haven’t tried it myself, it has received nice words from NPR and Mojo Magazine.

One RSD curio is a vinyl version of the Smiths tribute from Rockabye Baby!, which is instrumental lullabies of Smiths tunes. They do a lot of these tributes but this one I think works rather well. I don’t know how many baby rooms have turntables in them, however.

Having just attended a Woody Guthrie Centennial concert, I want to note the expanded CD version of Wilco‘s Mermaid Avenue that Warner Brother will make available on RSD. It will have 17 unreleased tracks and a documentary.

Townes Van Zandt fans will want to know about Sugar Hill’s vinyl reissue of TVZ’s At My Window on RSD. It was Townes’ only studio effort during the ’80s.

The David Lynch Foundation has put together a 4 volume benefit collection that includes 34 exclusive tracks from acts from Iggy Pop to Dovovan, Moby to Maroon 5. Originally released digitally through iTunes last year, it will be available on vinyl for RSD.

There are too many interesting items to mention (like a Pete Townshend Quadrophenia Demos Part 2 10″ EP) but I did want to alert you to keep your eyes out for a great little New West CD that compiles its artists’ World Cafe appearances.

Have a fun Record Store Day!






About Michael Berick

I am a longtime writer, and lover, of music and pop culture. I have written for Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Cleveland Scene and more places (that I wouldn't take up more of your time mentioning now).
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