My Brother Rob’s Top CDs of 2011

Before I include my list, I thought I post the list that my brother put together with a couple of his buddies. So here it is in all of its pure, unedited glory…

  1. Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape (take that P4K, I put it #1!)
  2. The Veils – Troubles of the Brain (EP or not, it’s fuggin brilliant)
  3. The Black Keys – El Camino (wow, the boys from Akron just upped the ante)
  4. Austra – Feel It Break (biggest surprise for me… never saw this one coming and it knocked me on my tush)
  5. The Decemberists – The King is Dead (miss the obscure lyrical references but a delight nonetheless)
  6. Alberta Cross – The Rolling Thunder (just couldn’t have two EPs in my top five J)
  7. The Parlor Mob – Dogs (like it a lot but discounted  for the song that sorta sounds like Hoobastank to me)
  8. Foo Fighters – Wasting Light (I may finally forgive Dave Grohl for not playing drums)
  9. Beirut – The Rip Tide (similar to Austra… never saw it coming but sure glad it ran over me)
  10. The Indelicates – David Koresh Superstar (I can’t even begin to imagine how hard they worked to craft this concept record… I feel like I should send them a ‘thank you’ note)
  11. Kitchie Kitchie Kie Me O – s/t
  12. John Doe – Keeper
  13. Hard Fi – Killer Sounds
  14. The Embassy – Life in the Trenches
  15. Black Lips – Arabia Mountain
  16. Army Navy – The Last Place
  17. Tom Vek – Leisure Seizure
  18. Dengue Fever – Cannibal Courtship
  19. Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math
  20. Youngteam – Daydreamer

About Michael Berick

I am a longtime writer, and lover, of music and pop culture. I have written for Entertainment Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, the LA Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Cleveland Scene and more places (that I wouldn't take up more of your time mentioning now).
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